I have been interested in the arts for my entire life; however, I became interested in pursuing art and design as a career during college. I earned my Bachelors of Art in art from California State University, Long Beach with the intent to become employed as a graphic artist. Prior to graduation, I was employed full-time as a graphic designer with an advertising agency named Mob Media INC. For this company, I was able to develop various design solutions for large companies like Blue Cross, OCTA (Orange County Transit Association), and South Coast Plaza. While working for Mob Media I was accepted to UCLA as a graduate student in the Department of Design|Media Arts. My focus at UCLA was experimental technology and design concepts through time based and interactive media. One of the concepts that I researched was non-linear narrative and its relation to hypertext and digital video media. Based on that research, and by invitation, I installed art projects at the University of California – San Diego, at Transmedia (a public display in Toronto Canada), and collaborated on a project that was shown at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles.

Armed with an eclectic background in design theory and practice, I have become more focused in the specific research area of the convergence of graphic design aesthetic with the personal expression of fine arts. In order to be more effective in the production of commercial design projects, my academic interest has been to utilize the style of graphic design to show social issues for publication and exhibition. Two current examples of this approach in art are “100 Voices of Freedom and Democracy,” shown our college gallery, and “Evolution,” a poster that evokes a discussion about the impact of technological advancements on human biology and methods of communications. These works combine fine art concepts and graphic design techniques to cause the viewer to first enjoy the visual experience and second to create in the viewer a lingering awareness of social issues. The goal in my recent work is to focus viewer discussion and thought on social issues through the medium of art.

Professionally, I am continuing to develop work for business clients through my company, Electric Imagination Design. Developing innovative ideas along with investigating current design trends in cross-cultural uses of typography, color theory, industry-standard software, and various display media are important activities for any professional and academic pursuit.

In the last year, I have continued to produce logos, advertising designs, and websites. I have also been investigating the interrelationship of commercial design, foundation art elements, color theory, and both modern and historic design practices by reading literature, journals, and examining award winning design concepts from other artists.

Download my PDF portfolio with video files HERE (240 MBs)

Download or view my smaller portfolio without videos HERE (7 MBs)

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