Reflective Journal Entry #3

With regards to DBR, at this point, I feel like I am ready just to do it. Just make a study and do it. There isn’t a muddy point, in fact, there is inspiration from Dr. Sandoval [see video here] that resonates with this idea. I feel like I have identified a significant problem; there are gaps in the research; and, there aren’t many people with the ability to intervene in the area I’d like to study.

Relevant Problem: The problem of visual literacy has been identified by multiple researchers and studies that show students lack the ability to analyze and synthesize images, yet nobody in the field, except for in one study has tried to promote activities in the analysis and creation of digital imagery to convey meaning.

Gaps: There are plenty of guides on how to use images, create images, and even manipulate images, but there are few empirical studies on image making and the encoding process with regards to imagery related to learning outcomes. Beyond images, even Lev Manovich, a well-known media-theorist stated that aesthetics are virtually ignored in research.

Ability to intervene: Let’s face it, there aren’t many design professors teaching math courses, science courses, health courses, etc. Developing a critique and discussion practice like in the design studio could make a difference in the way students in other disciplines assess content related images.

I’m looking forward to the possibility of working with various colleagues in different disciplines to see how their students can evaluate and interpret content-based images.

Jason Bader
Art Professor at MSJC. EdD, Boise State University in Educational Technology (currently student as of 2015). MFA, UCLA in Design|Media Arts, 2002.

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