Teaching Technique – Podcast

This is a podcast series that is meant to analyze and remark on various found design solution. The analysis investigates three parts of the visual: a. the purpose of the work; b. the composition of the design; and, c. the aesthetic style of the finished product. In this VideoCast, we look at a billboard design for a cosmetic surgery practice and the 2003 revision of the United Parcel Service logo.

The YouTube VideoCast can be found here.

A transcription of the VideoCast can be found here.

The Mp4 file of the VideoCast can be found here.

The video was made using Adobe After Effects for the composite and Apple Quicktime for the recording of the voice.

Jason Bader
Art Professor at MSJC. EdD, Boise State University in Educational Technology (currently student as of 2015). MFA, UCLA in Design|Media Arts, 2002.


  1. That was a really well made video cast. Nice use of music. Also an interesting topic. Interesting side note. I had a friend years ago when I worked at a health food store in DC. He grew up in SE DC. When his was in 6th grade some people from an ad company came to his art class and told them they were looking for a cool design for a new company that was selling jeans. He though a lot about it and ended up making a simple logo that was a pair of jeans standing up with one leg crossed over the other. His went into the pile that the people took away with them. He was surprised to see his logo on a XXX(new Jean store name omitted) bag the next summer.

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