Teaching Technique – Static Multimedia Instruction

This exercise is to learn a few of the very basic actions within Adobe Illustrator. This program is for the creation of vector graphics and standard in the design industry for design layout and compositions e.g. movie posters, beverage labels, packaging labels, logos etc.

-Create an Illustrator file containing a basic shape
-Design the properties of the shape
-Compose the position of the shape
-Generate a file that can be read by earlier versions of Adobe Illustrator

Project #1 – Static Multimedia Instruction

Design Notes:
This project was created using the following technology:
1. Grab (Mac) was used to capture the screen using the “timed capture” option
2. Photoshop’s automate tool was used to crop and save all eleven images instantaneously
3. A freeware clipart cursor graphic was downloaded since it did not show up in the screen capture
4. Photoshop was used to highlight elements in the screens where the viewer needs to find the tool that they are supposed to use for that step.
5. Indesign was used to create a document that uses CARP fundamentals.
6. Indesign was used to generate hyperlinks within each image in case the viewer wanted to see a larger version for more detail
7. A PDF was exported.

Multimedia Principle
Images were used along with text directions. The images show the learner where in the program they can find the tools to accomplish the specific step. The text highlights the keywords or commands they need to use to accomplish that specific step.

Contiguity Principle
Each step was highlighted with a tab that separates it from the other using repetitive similar elements (like font and color). The image and text instructions are juxtaposed (proximity) and aligned. Within the text, contrast is used to show the important commands that are needed in each step.

Creative Commons License
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Jason Bader
Art Professor at MSJC. EdD, Boise State University in Educational Technology (currently student as of 2015). MFA, UCLA in Design|Media Arts, 2002.

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